Jan 27, 2013

I'm 5 years from Mozart's Death

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died at 35. He composed countless masterpieces and has been etched into history as one of the influential musicians of all time. One could easily feel underwhelmed with their own achievements when stacking them against Mr. Mozart's. I went to the Symphony with my boyfriend last week, and this is exactly how I felt. I'm 5 years away from being 35 and I wish I could have done more as of yet. These are the dangers of comparing one's self with another, I suppose.

In other news, the "Homegrown House Concert" series is still thriving. last weekend, we were serenaded by Graydon James & The Young Novellists. Three evenings and all are a confirmation that music, community (and food!) are a craving of the soul.


Dec 9, 2012

house concerts shattering the winter blues.

I'm not going to lie. the fall can be a little hard on me - Especially having come back from a killer cross-country tour. I'm back at my old routine, working like a mad woman, zoning out when I get home, and feeling completely musically unproductive. This past month or two has been tough.

But tonight, I had magic happening in my livingroom. My buddy Preetam Sengutpa serenaded us with his gorgeous songs. (I'm listening to his album right now. I highly recommend it). It was really the perfect evening. Outside was cold but inside was warm with some of my favorite people in the same room, home baked cookies to feed an army, incredible acoustic music, and a warm fuzzy feeling lingering in all of our stomachs and hearts. My roomates and I are trying hard to have these house concerts every month. Let's see if I can generate enough excitement from enough artists to keep these running!

I don't think there's anything better than an intimate concert with good people.

now I must go to bed.


an interview!

I had an interview with a Blogger from Australia!

Check out the article here!


Oct 11, 2012

back behind the mic...

Not too many people would assume this, but often I love singing backups more than lead. And today, I get to do just that! My friend Corey Tamas of Dragonfly is recording his album and I'll get to to support him on 6 of his songs. I love a good mic 6 inches from my face.


Sep 12, 2012

for my birthday...

I got a 1973 Mark II Fender Rhodes! OOOHHH YYEEAAA!!

But looking for a tine (it's like the equivalent of a string) and a sustain pedal rod is complicated. I"m convinced finding the Lost City of Atlantis might be easier than finding a shop with what I need for my new beauty. if anyone has any tips on where the heck I could find Rhodes bits in Toronto, email me!


Jul 31, 2012

9 days to go

So I"ve been on the road for 3 1/2 weeks now...

I've officially crossed to the west coast, and now I'm on my way back. I'm currently in North Battleford Saskatchewan where I"m giving a 2day song writing workshop (ending with a performance tomorrow). So far so awesome!

In summary, the trip's been fantastic. Met so many new friends, sold CD's, No car accidents or tickets (knock on wood), and this trip has opened up an opportunity for me to possibly go to Uganda and Tanzania. I know.... Crazy...

I don't have any overly crazy adventures to report, and to be honest, I"m okay with that. Last tour was plenty adventurous. It's nice to be on a smooth, insanity-less tour. I"m sure in hindsight, I"ll have all these realizations of how intense my summer's been, but for now, I'm enjoying the ride, not thinking too much about it. (Want to know my new secret weapons for the long drives? Audio books. went through 15 hours of talks, 2 biographies, the first book of Game of Thrones, and now I'm moved on to the next

But what I'm thinking of now is how I miss home. 9 days to go.


Jul 5, 2012

Manitoulin Island, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, and a horse named Ribbons

after a grueling month of all work and no play, I've finally managed to organize my tour enough to take off... I don't think I packed enough shirts. I forgot my spring jacket.

So Day three has just ended.

recap so far... in point form...

Day 1. Manitoulin Island. cozy house concert. new friends. great way to start.

Day 2. Thunday Bay. 12 hours of driving. listened to the "Bossy Pants" audio book. Tina Fey is funny. House concert in TBay was awesome.

Day 3. Drive to Winnipeg. I have the night off. I meet 3 cats, 2 kittens, 3 dogs, and a horse. Bubble Bath. PJ's. Emails. I watch an episode of Breaking Bad, and realise that Walter White (the start character of the show) also wears a calculator watch. I feel that much cooler.

I"m now looking for more audio books to listen to during the drive. Any suggestions?


Jun 9, 2012

post east coast

well I've been back for 5 days now. Life has kicked me back into my regular routine without giving me a moment of respite, which is my explanation for not having blogged sooner....

long story short, the trip was magnificent.

I can't thank enough all my friends, new and old, for the generosity, kindness, and hospitality...

Will write more when I'm a little more "with it", as the kids these days say...


May 23, 2012

a car accident and the kindness of strangers.

I believe there are four kinds of trials and tribulations in the life:

1. consequences to your actions

2. a blessing in disguise

3. an opportunity to gain maturity and character

4. Comedic value (generally after the fact)

I'm pretty sure my car accident today was a mix of #3 and #4. I rear ended someone. They slammed on their breaks and I did too. Except when I did, I slid right into them. They came out of this unscathed, while I have a pretty damaged front, and a bit of whiplash. Surprisingly, my car still works. I had another 2 1/2 hours of driving from Halifax to Sydney, and I made it. I do dread finding out how much this will be costing. On the up side, my car doesn't' seem like it's a total loss, and I'm relatively okay. I even made it to my show and played it!

I must say. If I'm going to be getting into an accident, I want to do it in Nova Scotia. First off, the really nice girl in the van in front of me right off the bat too responsibility for the accident, which was more than she needed to do. When I drove the car to a mechanic (who told me the damage was mainly superficial), one really nice lady who worked there made me tea and everything! Not to mention my friend Ariel, in Sydney, called a friend of hers to come and pick me up and bring me to my destination safely, which he happily did! - drove half an hour to see how I was, and then caravanned it with me all the way to Sydney, and watched the show (yes, I still played) before he turned back to go home, which was an hour away.

And of course then there's Duane from Cape Breton Fudge Company who was really awesome and understanding and accommodating.

really, this was the best case scenario for an accident. Plus, it gave me a funny story to tell. If this is showing me anything, it's reminding me of the kindness of so many people.

ps, I"m bringing back some fudge.


May 21, 2012

my conversation with an 8 year old

I sat down for dinner with the family I was staying with for the evening. there are three kids. the oldest said to me, "that's awesome! you're doing what I want to be doing!", and before I got to reply "So you want to do music too?", he said "You're trying to make the world a better place!"

I melted


My little project

I'm in Riverview, NB hanging out in this amazing solarium working on this little project of mine.

Since all the Songs on Canopy can be used in Children and Junior Youth classes, I've decided to release a digital copy of all my songs without the main vocal line so Kids (well, anyone really) can learn the song and play them without "me" in the way :)

the real work is coming with the chord/tab booklet I'm putting together for it so people can learn the chords I'm playing on the guitar/ukulele/keyboard...

will keep you posted when it's done! it'll be free on bandcamp!

in the meantime, have you gotten your copy of Canopy? purchase it RIGHT HERE!


May 19, 2012

chillin in the mother-land

I just arrived in Riverview NB. After a fabulous few days in Quebec City, Edmundston, and Campbelton/Dalhousie, I"m in the south east corner of my beloved home province. The air smells fresh, the people are welcoming, and accents of all kinds are rampant! (did you know that in my high school of 2000 students, back in Edmundston, you pretty much could tell which village a kid was from just by their accent? Yup. So awesome.)

I'm reminded of why we say "once an east coaster, always an east coaster". It's different here. It's nothing I can pinpoint. One just has to experience the warmth, the sense of humour, and the openness of people. Maybe it's the smell of the ocean and pine trees...

On this tour, so far so good. People are receiving the new record with open arms, getting extra copies as gifts for their friends and family.. it's kinda cool... Throughout my whole trip, I've managed to visit a chunk of my own history. Whether it was staying with friends who have known me since I was 6, or hanging out with my dad's best friend and his son, I"ve managed to cover all grounds. Highschool friends, summer camp friends, family friends, and people who knew me when I was still in mom's womb... best ever.

Now I'm off to my house concert!


May 9, 2012

Peterborough, You're alright with me!

Just played a show in Peterborough. It was kind of awesome.

show number 1, check. 22 more to go... (many of these are house concerts)... I need to update my show dates... but now: sleep.


May 1, 2012

CD is out, and the release party was amazing!!!

Sunday April 29 was a milestone for me. myself, 6 band members, 3 back up singers, a beat boxer, and my mom performed the entirety of my record Canopy to a packed house at the Tranzac main space. I'm completely overwhelmed by the response and warmth I had from the Crowd! it was magic. nothing less!

I"m SO thankful for the incredible band that played with me, and to everyone that came to support, and to Lara Martin and her gang for opening the evening with their gorgeous music!!

After a night of pure musical bliss, I'm ready to take on my East coast tour starting May 9!! (dates and places to come soon!)

if you would like to get your own copy (physical or digital) or Canopy, visit or search "Canopy" on ITUNES!




Apr 17, 2012

Canopy has been sent

thank you to all who supported my Record! I'm happy to announce that my CD is being shipped today!!!

itunes and bandcamp downloads/orders will be available soon!! (around april 29)


Apr 2, 2012

may the manufacturing begin!

I"m happy to announce that everything's been sent off and now all I have to do is wait 7 to 10 business days to get my CD's!!!

to all of you who have pre-ordered, I will let you know when they have been sent off!!!

I will be taking pre-orders till about april 20, so if you're interested in pre-buying a copy, or donating to the production of the CD (which gets you a CD anyway), please visit


Mar 31, 2012


alright. I"m getting the masters for my 12 songs in the next day or two, my artwork is being finalized as we speak, and I'm marching into the manufacturing place Monday or Tuesday to get those copies ready to be sent out to YOU!

I'm excited.


Mar 26, 2012

In Vancouver!

I made it. I'm hanging out with my dear friend Julia, in her livingroom...

I did laundry, had sushi, and downloaded a bunch of movies for my trip back home.

Tonight, Heather is making me dinner. life is good


Mar 24, 2012

Pictures coming soon...

In Winnipeg. Can't post pictures yet but those will come!

I survived my first two nights on the train the constant motion and the strange noises are definitely something to get used to, but so far so good. Playing on a moving train is an adventure, I've met great people, and the staff here are marvelous... More details to come when I have a chance!!!


Mar 4, 2012

overwhelmed with awesome stuff... but still overwhelmed

There are so many exciting things in my life... but none more than the prospect of sleeping. I've officially entered a "crazy" portion of my life.

I started fasting (while the sun is up) on Friday and will be doing so till march 20, I have to have about 50 covers ready(ish) for my VIARail Onboard entertainment thingy on March 22, I'm planning my east coast tour, and subsequently planning my west coast tour as soon as that's done, I"m organizing my work's cabaret, and of course: The CD release party on April 29 and all the subsequent rehearsals.... oh and then there's work in there somewhere. Apparently you can't just call your landlord or phone provider and go "sorry I was too busy to work and make money. can I just skip my bills this month?!"... bummer

needless to say, sleep is a luxury at the moment.

BUT I'm not complaining! first of all, I've gotten myself into this crazy mess. And second of all, they're all things that are really cool and I'm happy to do them. Just happens they're ALL being thrown at me at the same time.

what to do?! roll with the punches.

I think I need to go clean my room now... looks like a post-apocalyptic waste land at the moment... ugh!