Feb 12, 2015

writing writing writing....

here's what Mike Ferguson and I worked on this week! hope you like it!!!


Oct 11, 2014


Dear all, I"m very excited to announce that I'm working on a new concept album called "If We Could Only Catch a Glimpse". It's another record where the lyrics have been taken out of the Baha'i Scriptures. 5 song record, and I hope you enjoy the teaser! 

if you enjoy what you hear and would like to donate to the project (which also automatically puts you on the pre-order list), please visit !!



May 27, 2011

Innocent in Heart - live performance

Hey all!

I'm working on a big project at the moment.. check out the video! r/BahaiDevotionalRecord

enjoy! and if you would like to contribute to my project, please do so through the funding website!


Mar 25, 2011

shows, poetry and new friends

I've now mastered two words in a Scottish accent. 'Aye', and 'Gary'. They are the two most satisfying words said in a Scottish accent. I"m now working on getting at least one insult name, ie. Chikter. I'm still not sure what it means, but apparently that's what people in Glasgow call people in Edinburgh.

Today, I got the ultimate Scotish dinner. nips (turnips), Tatties (potatoes), and of course, haggis. I have to be honest, I was a little scared of trying Haggis for the first time. I've been psyching myself for days. But it totally exceeded my expectations! what's not to love: Lamb, oatmeal, spices, and it comes with a Kilt and a poem! (ps. I have no idea what he said, but the jist of it is "if you don't want to suck, eat Haggis")


after our lovely dinner, we went to Tollhouse to get ready for the gig. I got to play with two fabulous musicians at this rehearsal factory'ish space. Very DYI. Very amazing. Everyone pilled up on and around this couch, sitting on random cushions, or on the floor, intently listening to all the artists playing. it was awesome:

first was Alastair Low!/pages/Alastair-Low-Music/166829173366726


then there was Stewart Robbie:

(only had my newly unlocked iphone - now with a UK number - tonight to take pictures)

had an absolutely fantastic night, and made some great friends.

Tomorrow, I'm anticipating a day of Busking, so I can feed my addiction to Primark. that place is amazing.(it's like H&M but 1/5 of the price)