Jun 22, 2015

MJ is heading to LA!

After Collorado Springs and Newfoundland in July, I'm so excited to be back into LA in August!

Show details to come....


Feb 25, 2015


20% off on all my music when you buy it through !

All you need is to input the code 4DAYS when you check out, and voila!



Jan 31, 2014

The In Between

I'm living in the In Between Space right now - I"m purposely not booking shows in Toronto because I'm working with my band; my band is still looking for a name; I"m trying to organize my life to make more space for my loves (family, music, friends, relationship); and I"m trying to navigate my "pay the bills" work without being too caught up in the politics of it and being detached enough from it that I can keep my focus on my craft. 

I"m juggling, I"m working hard, and I promise you I will have something to show for it in time. 

The In Between Space challenges me, my patience, my ego, my sense on accomplishment. I somehow forget to use this breathing space to breathe, and admitting it to myself might be even harder. I usually don't make new year resolutions but it looks like this could be a natural one. My new year's resolution is to create a life where everything has it's place and emphasis is placed according to importance. I resolute to breathe, and to not feel bad about it. I resolute to keep the important things important, and chalk the rest up to drops of water under the bridge. 

Let's see how this goes, shall we.....


Jan 15, 2014

UK love

I am sitting at a friend's house in Birmingham. I just got here from Manchester, which came right after London. 

I'm halfway through my series of House concerts. I love it. I love the people, I love cities, and I love that there is never any shortage of tea.



Oct 8, 2013

Innocent in Heart now has its very own music video!!!

Thanks to dear friend Charlie Burns who filmed and edited it!

if you like it, share it!!!


Jul 22, 2013

"We will become Silouettes" by Postal Service... Ukulele version by Shawn Clarke & MJ Cyr

my buddy Shawn Clarke got a ukulele for Christmas. I decided to learn one song a week. Here's what happened on his 29th week:



Jun 10, 2013


It dawned on me this morning and I"m playing in 4 days. AAHH!!

I must start preparing myself for the NXNE.... so excited!

Here's info for my show:

thursday, June 13 / 9pm SHARP / Johnny Jackson - 587 College St

hope to see you there!


Jun 3, 2013


Oh California. I just came back from visiting you, and you treated me good. real good.

Between May 6 and May 21, I managed to squeeze in 19 musical adventures - most of them House cocnerts. I'm telling you, folks, house concerts are the way to do it. The performer gets an attentive and engaged crowd, the audience gets to know the artist more personally, and you sell more CD's. it's great! I'm always a fan of quality vs quantity of crowd.  

My itinerary consisted of shows every night (and sometimes during the day) in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Fresno, San Francisco, and Portland Orego (where, yes, the dream of the 90's REALLY IS alive). What an experience!! the warmth and welcoming spirit that I got wherever I went, the incredible people who took the time to help me organize this tour - This is definitely one for the books!

a huge shout out to everyone who made this possible and I jsut can't wait to see you all again!!!


listen to my live performance at the Path Cafe in NYC in March!

I meant to put this up but then I went on tour....

here it is! The Path Cafe was an incredible place to play! the atmosphere was warm, the food delicious, the place was ransacked with Canadians...

I'm pretty sure this wasn't a flawless gig, but that's part of the magic of playing Live! enjoy!


Apr 23, 2013

Near Midnight to be featured in Mick Gordon's play "Bea" at Factory Theatre!

I entered my song "Near Midnight" in a contest to have it featured in a production of Mick Gordon's play "Bea", which will run May 7-26 at Factory Theatre. By popular vote, I got the contract!

I'm very excited!

For more information on "Bea", visit either or


Feb 19, 2013

by popupar vote....

winning a contest based on popular vote is SO highschool.

I entered this Searchlight CBC concest, and as much as I would love to win $20 000 worth of gear, trying to win it this was is like winning a Battle of the Bands because you suckered the most friends into showing up. It's kinda not fair. It also is not indicative of any sort of talent you may or may not possess.

That's all. I just needed to say I have contests.

On that note, Please vote for me at



Feb 18, 2013

CBC's Searchlight contest. Wanna vote?

Alright. I need your help!

CBC has put a contest on for the "best new artist" in Canada. The prize is $20 000 in gear, and that would be awesome.

I entered the contest with my song "Innocent in Heart", which you can listen to HERE.

All you need to do to help out is click on this URL: , scroll down and vote for me on the Searchlight icon...

then please share this with your friends!

If you can vote every day for me, that's even better!!! The contest only lasts for a few days, so please vote as often as you can!

THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! I will keep you posted!



Feb 16, 2013

Congrats, Go Diana.....

... on a fabulous EP release at the Rivoli this past Friday, Feb 15!

Go Diana is officially one of my favorite bands. We have quite the love affair happening at the moment, and it was a pleasure to be the opening act for this great night.

got Twitter? follow them! @GoDianaBand


Feb 13, 2013

lots to keep track of....

it's been a busy couple of weeks.

1. I've been playing a few shows around the City (Next one, Feb 15 at the Rivoli)

2. started working on co-arranging a kids' album with co-musicioneer Chris Eakins (who wrote the songs)

3. gearing up for my next Homegrown House Concert on Feb 24 (more info upon request)

4. got a chance to be on an interview-style live show with Steve Fisher (@GracingTheStage) on tuesday

and last but not least... and probably not actually last either...

5. I entered a contest and I need your vote. I usually am not a fan of those "get your friends and fans to vote" kinds of contests, but once in a while I suck it up. The conest is for "CBC Searchlight". I submitted my song Innocent in Heart, - click here to watch - and I will need your help when voting poles open on Feb 18. SO HEADS UP! Will be sending out a shout when I have the voting address. If you enjoy the song, please vote! and encourage your friends to vote!


Jan 27, 2013

I'm 5 years from Mozart's Death

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died at 35. He composed countless masterpieces and has been etched into history as one of the influential musicians of all time. One could easily feel underwhelmed with their own achievements when stacking them against Mr. Mozart's. I went to the Symphony with my boyfriend last week, and this is exactly how I felt. I'm 5 years away from being 35 and I wish I could have done more as of yet. These are the dangers of comparing one's self with another, I suppose.

In other news, the "Homegrown House Concert" series is still thriving. last weekend, we were serenaded by Graydon James & The Young Novellists. Three evenings and all are a confirmation that music, community (and food!) are a craving of the soul.


Dec 9, 2012

house concerts shattering the winter blues.

I'm not going to lie. the fall can be a little hard on me - Especially having come back from a killer cross-country tour. I'm back at my old routine, working like a mad woman, zoning out when I get home, and feeling completely musically unproductive. This past month or two has been tough.

But tonight, I had magic happening in my livingroom. My buddy Preetam Sengutpa serenaded us with his gorgeous songs. (I'm listening to his album right now. I highly recommend it). It was really the perfect evening. Outside was cold but inside was warm with some of my favorite people in the same room, home baked cookies to feed an army, incredible acoustic music, and a warm fuzzy feeling lingering in all of our stomachs and hearts. My roomates and I are trying hard to have these house concerts every month. Let's see if I can generate enough excitement from enough artists to keep these running!

I don't think there's anything better than an intimate concert with good people.

now I must go to bed.


an interview!

I had an interview with a Blogger from Australia!

Check out the article here!


Oct 11, 2012

back behind the mic...

Not too many people would assume this, but often I love singing backups more than lead. And today, I get to do just that! My friend Corey Tamas of Dragonfly is recording his album and I'll get to to support him on 6 of his songs. I love a good mic 6 inches from my face.


Sep 12, 2012

for my birthday...

I got a 1973 Mark II Fender Rhodes! OOOHHH YYEEAAA!!

But looking for a tine (it's like the equivalent of a string) and a sustain pedal rod is complicated. I"m convinced finding the Lost City of Atlantis might be easier than finding a shop with what I need for my new beauty. if anyone has any tips on where the heck I could find Rhodes bits in Toronto, email me!