Jun 3, 2013


Oh California. I just came back from visiting you, and you treated me good. real good.

Between May 6 and May 21, I managed to squeeze in 19 musical adventures - most of them House cocnerts. I'm telling you, folks, house concerts are the way to do it. The performer gets an attentive and engaged crowd, the audience gets to know the artist more personally, and you sell more CD's. it's great! I'm always a fan of quality vs quantity of crowd.  

My itinerary consisted of shows every night (and sometimes during the day) in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Fresno, San Francisco, and Portland Orego (where, yes, the dream of the 90's REALLY IS alive). What an experience!! the warmth and welcoming spirit that I got wherever I went, the incredible people who took the time to help me organize this tour - This is definitely one for the books!

a huge shout out to everyone who made this possible and I jsut can't wait to see you all again!!!