Feb 13, 2013

lots to keep track of....

it's been a busy couple of weeks.

1. I've been playing a few shows around the City (Next one, Feb 15 at the Rivoli)

2. started working on co-arranging a kids' album with co-musicioneer Chris Eakins (who wrote the songs)

3. gearing up for my next Homegrown House Concert on Feb 24 (more info upon request)

4. got a chance to be on an interview-style live show with Steve Fisher (@GracingTheStage) on tuesday

and last but not least... and probably not actually last either...

5. I entered a contest and I need your vote. I usually am not a fan of those "get your friends and fans to vote" kinds of contests, but once in a while I suck it up. The conest is for "CBC Searchlight". I submitted my song Innocent in Heart, - click here to watch - and I will need your help when voting poles open on Feb 18. SO HEADS UP! Will be sending out a shout when I have the voting address. If you enjoy the song, please vote! and encourage your friends to vote!