MJ spent her childhood in rural New Brunswick.  Too shy to even speak at age 5, MJ found a love for dance by age 10, and began singing in her teens.

Eventually, she made her way to musical theatre school in Toronto - finding joy in playful collaboration.  Showtunes soon led to singing originals, then accompanying herself on guitar or keys while experiencing the thrill of writing her own material.  Her downtown apartment became an impromptu jam space; a welcome place for fellow musicians to create, and play together.  In this environment, MJ quickly found her unique voice among the array of instruments, pedals, and recording equipment.  Indeed, Toronto has been fertile ground for MJ, having completed two EPs ('The Bottom Line' & 'Ladders'), A full Length record ('Canopy'), music videos, and more than a few live shows around the City.

MJ has toured extensively in support of 'Canopy", across Canada, The United States, and the UK.  Its messages, and themes proved universal, and captured the attention of college radio; and it wasn't long before MJ quickly gained a new audience through word of mouth on her stirring live shows. 
Most of her material was written immediately before, and after shows, or while traveling to new places to perform, something less intentional than it was a sign of where she had found new inspiration.